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In Ukraine, debtors fines will be caught on the slopes

В Украине должников по штрафам будут ловить на трассахUntil the end of the year on the roads will work “Abroad”.

Natspolitsiya begun to procure surveillance on the roads, “Boundary”, which can read car number plates and check them against databases of the interior Ministry. Thus, if you have not paid the fine, did not pass the inspection or not bought insurance, then on the near post you can stop the patrol, to check the documents and even send the car on a shtrafploshchadka.

Judging by the description of the tender, these systems should be appearing on our roads before the end of the year.


According to the website ProZorro, Central administrations of national police in many areas of the country (Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa, Kherson, Volyn and others) have purchased systems and services of video system “Frontier”. To establish their needs before the end of this year. However, it is not without its oddities.

All purchases in different areas carried out in one of the Ukrainian company, the beneficiaries of which, according to the Unified register of legal entities, the three Cypriot offshore firms. By the way, this company in 2015, equipped with 300 police cars with video system.

Lawyers say: tenders are hardly transparent. “The fact that three foreign firms have acted as the founders of the Ukrainian one is possible. But that all tenders are in one company, evidence of possible corruption — such equipment is not exclusive, and in Ukraine there are dozens of his counterparts,” — said “news” the lawyer Rostislav Kravets.

To call yesterday, the company failed.


It is worth noting that the system “Rubezh”, which had been used in the state traffic Inspectorate finds the roads are not only violators of traffic rules, but also identifies machines that are in search of — whether the orientation about the theft, the court’s decision on deprivation of the driver of the rights for drunkenness or the imposition of an official arrest for debt.

If the machine will light, information about the date and time of occurrence will be saved. And the driver will stop on the near post of the police and he will have to pay not only his debt or fine, but towing services and Parking the car on a shtrafploshchadka.

According to the avtoyurist Vladimir Karavaeva, the system records and provides data not only on the license plate, but also to the driver: “the System shows, whether the driver penalties if a car is listed as stolen, whether there is insurance, whether it passed medical tests and is not deprived of driver’s rights. In such cases, this allows the patrol to stop the car and check who is driving,” — said the “news” Karavaev.

The installation of video cameras as said Karavaev, the first step to the introduction of the mailing of the “letters” — notices of violation that comes to the driver mail. But this system has problems: “we Have two articles of the Constitution which prevent this. According to one, the responsibility should be borne directly by the offender, and on the other, that man is not responsible for refusing to testify against themselves or relatives (in case of violation by a driver that control by proxy. — Ed.)”.

The police still concise. The “news” confirmed that the new system for the fight against violators of traffic rules will work until the end of the year.

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