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In Ukraine again expensive electricity

В Украине вновь дорожает электроэнергияTariffs for the population will grow by more than 25 percent.

1 March for Ukrainians more expensive electricity. Tariffs for the population will grow by more than 25 percent.

In particular, 90 cents per kilowatt will pay those who use a month to 100 kilowatts. Who will consume more, already subject to the rate of 1.68 USD.

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According to expert estimates, the average family per month will pay at least 500 hryvnias only for the light.

According to experts, the next jump of the prices will lead to an increase in debt. Today the non-payment for the consumed electric energy just before Kyivenergo is 770 million.

Motivated this increase of NERC that need funds for upgrades. Problems upgrade networks, equipment owners of private monopolies and the regional Power shift to the shoulders of the consumer,- said the expert on social policy Andrey Pavlovsky.

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