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In the United States will sell under the hammer of an army jeep

В США продадут с молотка армейский внедорожникFancy car appeared at the local auction.

Army jeep Terradyne Gurkha, who had previously only supplied to the military, can now get into civilian hands. At auction in USA for sale car in 2012 with mileage of 24 km. 382 What unit owned this car previously unknown, but now its owner can be anyone who has a sum of 699 $ 900.

For the big money the client receives the armored car canadian company Terradyne Armored Vehicle with a maximum level of protection. Armor class B7 is able to withstand a hit from a sniper rifle with a 10-foot distance. A 6.2-metre SUV with a mass of 8.6 tons equipped with 6.7-liter 330-horsepower diesel engine accelerates to its maximum speed of 130 km/h.

Cars equipped spetssignalami, winch, cameras and swivel spotlights. Excellent flotation it provides a 355-millimeter ground clearance and off-road tires Continental MTP 81 All Terrain. Leather interior and climate control are also included.

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