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In the United States has released an updated Robocop

В США выпустили обновленного робота-полицейскогоKnightscope launches a new model of Robocop

Police work is always associated with certain difficulties and dangers is what makes mankind think more often, to fully transfer this responsibility to the responsible robots.

For example, a well-known company Knightscope, specializing in the development of multifunctional robotics, recently released its first robot COP whose functional life, unfortunately, ended in one of the fountains of Washington – software error of the robot. However, this does not deprive the specialists of the company’s determination in promoting their work in the future.

Thus, company Knightscope, today announced the release of their new robot-COP who, according to the experts of the company, will have a much broader range of functions and capabilities, as well as be deprived of those technical flaws which were apparent in last version robot.

For example, it is reported that the Robocop K1 is now able not only to detect hidden weapons within a certain distance from yourself, but also to register the radiation in the area. Being stationary at its core, the K1 robot is primarily designed for installation in hospitals, airports and shops, where there is a heightened risk of a security breach in one form or another. In addition, this robot will also be able to stream their activity during work.

CEO of Knightscope, William Santana Li, said: “We do intend to make the United States of America the safest country in the world, changing the current way of security.” Despite the fact that there is more information about side features and capabilities of the robot police, many users are already guessing about its real destination. Some even worry that these robots can go out of control and mistakenly accuse an innocent man in violation of security and public order. And maybe in other, more serious things…

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