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In the United States first tested a stratospheric balloon. Video

Unusual device will be used for space tourism.В США впервые протестировали стратосферный аэростат. Видео

The American World View conducted the first test of stratospheric balloon at a new venue in Tucson, Arizona. The startup plans to use balloons for observation of the surface of the Earth, and for space tourism. Tickets for stratosphere flight are already on sale.

The launch of the stratospheric balloon Stratollite was first held at the site of the headquarters of the World View in Arizona. The company opened a new testing facility in Tucson to launch the balloons — on-site installed special pad with a width of 200 m.

The startup launched after obtaining permission from the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA). Previously, the company has tested the balloons, but have used other pads.

As reported by GeekWire, during startup in Tucson, World View experienced control system of the balloon. It is assumed that the balloons will rise to a height of 30 km. Passenger planes on average rise to a height of 10 km, while the boundary of space set at around 100 km.

At an altitude of 30 km balloons World View will be able to provide satellite services, including to monitor the surface of the Earth to track weather and forest fires. The cost of these services will be cheaper than satellite companies.

In addition, the company will send tourists to space voyages. Within a few hours Stratollite passengers will be able to observe the surface of the Earth and the sky with an unusual perspective, not experiencing zero gravity. The aircraft will decrease as it will be a gas. To come back to Earth tourists will be using parachutes. The company is already selling tickets for stratospheric flights for $75 000.

The launch of the balloons will not be unmanned. As it became known in February of last year, the pilot of the first flight will be former NASA astronaut Ron Garan.

Yet to reserve a flight into space may be a few — the cost up to several hundred thousand dollars. Space to spread payments and make them available to plans non-profit organization Space for Humanity. The company believes that the cosmos should fly not only scientists, military and billionaires, but ordinary people. The organization is going to expense to send into space 10 000 people. Space for Humanity already negotiating with World View, as well as with aerospace company Blue Origin.

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