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In the South China sea was a powerful submarine bomb

В Южно-Китайском море произошел мощный подводный врыв

According to information coming from the monitoring services of the World Ocean, in the South China sea there was a strong underwater explosion.

The explosion was sensors. The moment of the explosion, approximately 18:22 PM Eastern time USA, although evidence is still very fragmentary. Information to be confirmed and verified.

В Южно-Китайском море произошел мощный подводный врыв

Military sources reported that the explosion occurred at a depth of approximately 50 meters, which caused a shock wave of great strength, which was registered by the sensors.

Estimated military force of the explosion was 10 to 20 kilotons of TNT. The earthquake in this area by the geological survey are excluded.

In the area of the South China sea there is nothing that in itself could explain this possible event. Theoretically, the explosion could be on the Board near the location of the submarine.

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Submarines of the United States regularly work in the area of the World Ocean. Is this a blast with US submarine is unknown.

However, if there was an explosion of this magnitude, and the boat was there, then when enough standing very close to the epicenter of it was to get damaged.

If this is true, that is, the incident involved our or another boat, it would force her to flee the area and soon she should manifest itself in one of the ports for repair, or, at least, calibration of the instruments.

At the moment information about the situation is very contradictory and fragmentary. It will be discussed now in my radio live.

Also follow the site and the possibility of rapid updates.

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Review Edition The Big The One: At the moment, in the military blogs there is no information about the incident. He was or not we don’t know because of the satellite, weighing over the region of the editorial Board of the website not. However, if the incident was, it needs to manifest itself in EAM (Emergency Action Message) that will see all, so you have to wait tell Hal updates and what supostat hams.

Currently, the coastal control points around the South China sea detected elevated levels of radiation!

According to this official map of the Global network of environmental monitoring uRADMonitor, now in their radiation monitors recorded a “significant” indications of radiation are shown on the map below:

В Южно-Китайском море произошел мощный подводный врыв

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