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In the small town Britain of the house “learned” to produce energy

В небольшом городе Британии дома "научились" вырабатывать энергиюUnusual technology helps citizens to save a considerable amount of money.

Architecture in the small town of white Bat will not be much different from a typical British buildings. But new homes will generate and store their own electricity, and if the project is successful, then it can deploy on a massive scale, helping to avoid construction of new power plants.

House-plants will be built by the company Pobl Group, which provides resources for social housing. The project will be built 16 houses, they are designed to use the maximum amount of solar energy that the house will be converted into electricity through solar roofs and solar collectors on the walls. The battery stores the excess electricity until it is needed in homes and for electric vehicle charging.

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House-plants will be 10-20% more expensive than usual, but the company expects that the cost will decrease with technology improvement. New homes can also provide immediate savings on energy bills of up to £ 600 per year ($768). After the project is completed in Neath, it is planned to build another 1,200 such homes in the area.

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“Thus it is possible to reduce the need for Central power generating stations by about 3 GW, equivalent to a large nuclear power plant,” says Kevin Bigat, Executive Director at Specific, the innovation centre at Swansea University in Wales. The UK, like other countries, is also building the renewable energy facilities, including the largest wind power station in the world where the 640-foot wind turbines generate enough power for 230,000 homes. But still most effectively to produce energy directly into homes.

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