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In the river dekommunizirovali female bust

В Днепре декоммунизировали женский бюст Bas came under de-communization among other objects of cultural heritage of the country.

Large-scale bas-reliefs on the Central bridge of the Dnieper, established half a century ago, was dismantled in the framework of de-communization. Now they are planning to send a “Park of totalitarianism”, which is going to open until next year.

One of the bas-reliefs symbolizing the revolution, and the other was adorned with the inscription “All power to the Soviets”. The main characters of the bas-reliefs were women.

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In 1967 even was a scandal on the eve of the opening of the bridge manual regional Committee of the party protested for this too explicit symbolism. Sculptors explained that he had made the embodiment of youth.

Opinions of residents regarding the dismantling of the divided. Some say that it is not against to remove the remnants of the memory of Soviet power, others propose to retain this right to the discretion of the children and grandchildren.

“We are removing this metal bas-relief, on which the woman breaks the circuit about the mammary glands. The original column has already deformed, they will have to carry. In their place will be just the lookout,” explained Deputy mayor Mikhail Lysenko.

В Днепре декоммунизировали женский бюст

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