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In the regions of Ukraine rages a dangerous infection

В регионах Украины бушует опасная инфекция In the Zaporozhye region was in the hospital for 13 children.

The school Kushuhum the Zaporozhye region recorded a massive outbreak of measles, 13 of the children were on hospital beds.

According to preliminary information, the infection in the school brought a teacher. School was closed for quarantine and disinfection. Now there are quartz lamps, technicians carefully wash all the classrooms and corridors of chlorine solution. Vacation all children came a week early.

State of the school doctors call severe, in cases of very high fever, rashes all over the body, some exacerbation of chronic diseases.

In addition to parents, to children, no one is allowed. Epidemiologists say that all the children who had measles had not had the required vaccinations, consequently, work in this direction are promising more.

Although now everything depends solely on the will of the parents – all the vaccinations your children are doing only with the approval of adults.

The doctors say that the number of infected children may increase.

It was reported that in Kiev the outbreak of measles: 42 people already in the hospital.All in all, among patients up to 60% are people of Roma origin living in the Shevchenko district of the city, and the majority of patients – children 7 to 9 years.

Also in the Carpathian region recorded outbreak of measles in a rural school.

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