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In the Network appeared “live” pictures of the new GMC Granite

В Сети появились "живые" снимки нового GMC GraniteSUV GMC Granite will be the most affordable in the range.

GMC company is preparing to release its smallest crossover, which should be a step lower than the Terrain. The most likely designation for the beginner – Granite. This name was used in 2010 for the subcompact concept. It is also possible nameplates Graphyte, Anthem and Tribute.

All four of these names GM recently patented.

Thorough masking does not allow to see much. In General, the design of the nose, stern and glazing then expected design elements reminiscent of parts of the Terrain, just on a smaller scale.

SUV GMC Granite should be one of the cars built in accordance with the strategy of GM to reduce the number of platforms. More than two dozen “trucks” will be gradually reduced to four modular and scalable architectures, VSS (Vehicle Set Strategy). Platform VSS-S harvested for a small crossover with front-wheel/all-wheel drive, VSS-F – passenger models on front-wheel-drive basis (with the possibility of adding full). Two other architectures, it is easy to guess, addressed to a machine with a base rear-wheel-drive: VSS-R to cars, from sedans to sports coupes (mid-engine Corvett itself), and VSS-T pickups on the frame, SUVs and vans. Logically, in Granite we need to see the VSS-S VSS or-F.

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Fellow Buick Encore 2020 will share with Granite toppings. Outwardly, will differ quite significantly. It’s not just the bumpers, grille and optics, even the glazing at the Anchor will be to its original. But the exterior Granite and Trucks will be close to each other.

On sale Granite must be received within one and a half to two years now. Around the same time Granite buyers will receive two counterparts: the subcompact Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore new generation. Both have already seen on the tests. The current models are clones Mochi. But Opel has gone into the hands of the French and replacements for Trucks and the Anchor are created by the GM alone. The range of units of the Trinity will be revealed later. While it is possible to predict one set: turbo 1.4 transversal nine-storyed “machine”.

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В Сети появились "живые" снимки нового GMC Granite
В Сети появились "живые" снимки нового GMC Granite

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