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In the military came up with a new way of “attracting” recruits

В военкоматах придумали новый способ "привлечения" призывников Upon registration of residence, people began to take the paperwork to get to go to the military enlistment office.

The Kiev military are increasingly attracted to military service with the help of officials. So, when change of residence, even if you move into the house next door, employees of district administrations refuse to register under the new address, if the applicant has no “coupons” from the military. Residents of the capital are indignant, claiming that they are forced to go to the military and re-take the medical examination. Commissar explain: these are the requirements of the Law on military duty. The lawyers also claim that it is abuse of power.

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Last time Kyivans faced with the fact that the change of residence employees of RGA make men of military age to obtain in the military, “voucher” confirming that the military Commissariat to register them at the new place of residence. “I was checking out of one apartment and was re-registered not just in one district, but in the house next door, where we bought a new home, says the “news” the inhabitant of the Desnyanskiy district of the capital Nikolai Vladimirov. — With the WGA sent me to the military enlistment office to get a certificate stating that I was again put on the military records where I was. In the end I took the military card, promising to return after I pass the medical examination”. According to Nicholas, he took the Commission 10 years ago, the military card is written that he is unfit.

“News” decided to check the situation, and on Friday, our reporter went to the Center to provide administrative services golosiyivska RGA for re-registration of place of residence. Immediately at the front Desk we tried to send in the military. “Before submitting the documents you need to obtain a voucher in the military, without it, you will refuse to accept the application”, — told us the employee of the reception. We are told that in the list of official documents that must be submitted for re-registration of place of residence, neither of which the voucher says nothing. Paying the administrative fee and getting a receipt, we got to the administrator.

Within 5 minutes we received all the documents, including a copy of military ID, while not asking about the alleged necessary coupons. “On Monday, wait for SMS that will indicate the date when you can pick up your passport with the new home address,” said us administrator of the Department Julia Kononenko. But after a time, she called back. “You have a military card written “Moscow” district, and he has “golosiyivskiy”. You need to go to the draft Board and put a mark “golosiyivskiy”. Otherwise you will be refused re-registration of place of residence”, — said Julia.
Abuse of authority

“News” has addressed for explanations to the Deputy Commissar of the Kyiv city military Commissariat of Igor Slyusarenko. According to him, when changing the place of residence of the men of military age should again be on military records at the new address. “According to article 38 of the law of Ukraine on military duty, the Executive bodies carry out registration of residence for military service only if their military records check military about removal from the military account or stay on the military account in a residence”, — he said.

But lawyers are sure after you create the Unified state register of physical persons in the campaigns in the military for the “coupons” is no longer necessary, and in this case there is only an agreement between the defense Ministry and regional administrations to “drive” people in the military.

“The single registry was created in order to eliminate the bureaucratic component in multi-day visits to various offices of officials. All state institutions, including RGA, serves information about a person in a Single register, where the military may at any time take data about the new place of residence of a citizen,” explains the “news” the lawyer, Ivan Lieberman. With regard to the medical examination with the removal of the citizens military ticket lawyer is sure that it is arbitrary. In his opinion, in this case the military exceed their authority.

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