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In the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg kiss the relics and the virus is not afraid

В Казанском соборе Санкт-Петербурга целуют мощи и вируса не боятся

In the Kazan Cathedral in St.-Petersburg in these days of crowded. On March 10, brought the relics of John the Baptist.

The faithful lined up to venerate the Shrine. About the epidemic of coronavirus, the advice of the world health organization and national epidemiologists, it seems that no one thinks. Most believers worried about when the power will take back to Israel.

In the temple these days all the hard wipe. In addition to the reliquary of John the Baptist, in the Kazan Cathedral there are many shrines for worship. And admit people with a total deceitful, washed down with a host of common reusable utensils.

Most believers say that the danger is not feel and are not afraid of coronavirus:

– Do not fear! Because the mother of God with me.

– What is the coronavirus? Come on, look – all empty, no Chinese, it was all very well. Masks we wear, so we John protect, the mother of God.

– It’s all divine, it’s great that I got here. I thank God. Glad so many young people. I just went into such a state that I want to live!

Most visitors to the temple, the older people. They are at risk. Mortality rate from coronavirus among patients older than eighty years – higher than 14%.

How to behave a believer to avoid being infected with coronavirus, the Synod decided on March 11. People were asked to self-assess their own health and, if there are alarming symptoms, think what that means to other parishioners. Those who decide to come to the temple, you should consider the epidemiological situation in the world.

“In the temples regularly wet cleaning, and reliquaries of icons and relics, including the ark with the relics, regularly cleaned with special antiseptic solutions. However, the people who come to the temple, are also informed by the clergy that there is no obligation, no one forces anyone to kiss lips to honor as Holy,” – said the head of the communications sector, information Department of the diocese of St. Petersburg Natalia Rodomanova.

Soon in Petersburg diocese promise to write additional rules. Information will be published on the website of the metropolis.

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