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In the Jungle we will go later

Not hard to guess that the path through the jungle is long, even if you go all you need to do. Vines intertwining, increased heat and humidity, insects, reptiles and wild animals make this road difficult and dangerous. But as it turns out, the path To the jungle can also podstantsiya.

We to the fact that the Russian premiere is based on real events suvival’and “Jungle” (Jungle) deferred from October 19 to November 9, 2017.

But we still wait. Still starring Daniel Radcliffe and the filmmakers experienced the horror Affairs Greg McLean, this year has pleased us one good Thriller.

Yossi Ginsberg, a young enthusiast, the adventurer is sent to the Amazon jungle together with a couple of friends and a guide, hiding his past. This journey turns into a frightening ordeal for the psyche and the real struggle for survival when the characters are faced with the darkest side of human nature and death threats to the nature is wild.Cm. also:

“Horror is a universal way to tell about all sorts of things”. Interview with Greg McLean

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