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In the fight against poverty is also a failure?

В борьбе с бедностью тоже провал?

The people are not rebels, and the government pretends that all is well

Rosstat reported that the number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence minimum (poverty) in the second quarter of 2019 increased compared to last year and amounted to 18.6 million people, or 12.7% of the total population.

A year ago, in the second quarter of 2018, below the poverty line lived to 12.5% of the population. This physiological poverty reduction in the second quarter of the year compared with the first, is a faster pace of 1.6%, that is 1.7 million people.

Rosstat debits increase poverty just for the fact that the subsistence minimum in comparison with the previous year increased by 7.1% (and amounted to a dizzying 11 185 RUB.), while inflation in annual terms was 5%, and growth in per capita money incomes of population is 5.6%. Nevertheless below the poverty line live about 20 million people, while President Putin “the may decrees” was required to reduce poverty by half.

As of 1 December 2018 was launched in a pilot mode the project is to combat poverty. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova claimed that the process is “good pace” — half percentage points for the nine months. But today we see that despite all measures being considered, the dynamics of poverty is positive and this is negative point.

In the calculations of poverty formally, Rosstat calculates the percentage of people with incomes below the basket of consumption determined by the orders of the Ministry of labor is the minimum wage in the formal definition. It does not take into account those people who are unable to live at the subsistence level, and there are more.

For example, another indicator — the debt of the population for housing and communal services increased by 28.7 billion rubles to 564,5 billion of Foreign experts and the Russian experts also note the surge in the debt load of the citizens. While Rosstat that week to talk about deflation in the country that prices are not rising and even decline. But what would they drop? And probably by reducing the weight of the products here and 9 eggs instead of the standard ten, and 900 grams of cereals instead of kilograms, this phenomenon has become widespread among different product categories.

The Deputy of the State Duma Vyacheslav Tetekin in an interview with our publication describes reasons why poverty reduction is not so effective.

The number of Russians who have money incomes below the subsistence level has increased compared to last year how does this relate to the intentions of the Government to halving poverty?

— Here it is necessary to define several concepts.

I am deeply convinced that we are in the fight against poverty. The number of poor continues to increase and cannot be otherwise, because the whole economic policy of the ruling group aims to increase the number of the rich, as you know, according to the law of communicating vessels, if somewhere decreases, somewhere comes in another vessel that is.

If we have 175 thousand millionaires and more than 100 billionaires and their wealth continues to increase, and therefore the process of obtaining this wealth the poor continues and increases actually. In no other way. Whereby the rich get richer? They get rich by robbing the bulk of the population. You know, it’s really embedded in the economic philosophy of the Government, it’s not some kind of mistake, not an accident but a deliberate policy.

And the only reason the government declares the fight against poverty, is that they fear a social explosion. In fact, they do not care for these poorest.

What makes you draw such conclusions?

— To take at least problems with the medicine, which was voiced recently by the President — problems that showed up “suddenly” in the twentieth year of his reign, it turned out, we do have 250 thousand doctors and about 175 thousand qualified nurses — it’s just a quiet horror. It’s a complete disaster, and the head of state for 20 years, “suddenly” discovers that medical disaster? Where’s he been? You’re the head of state, if you do not know that you do not have the whole division of army doctors and nurses?

Same thing with poverty is that he does not know that the number of poor increases?

You said that it is necessary to define the terms what?

— Yes, the most important thing we have to say — Rosstat and Ministry of economic development talking about the poor who do not have a living wage, but it’s called “beggars” in the common vocabulary. People who do not have enough food elementary, they are on the verge of starvation. And the poor in our country, people who are struggling to make ends meet, who food somehow somehow missing, but it is not enough to equip children to school — that’s poor. And they make up more than half of the population. That’s what you need to say.

Poverty in fact is not 12% -13%, it’s not those 20 million people, of which we now speak with horror. This is actually half of the population, more than 70 million people. 70 million people at least are in the position of the poor. And how the government is going to deal with this situation when more than half of the population suffer from poverty and lack basic things, I have no idea. But most importantly — they’re really not going to fight.

Because the real fight against poverty requires changes in socio-economic policy, changes in priorities of the government, they are not ready. And are not ready for objective reasons. We have a ruling group is a Union of the higher bureaucracy and oligarchy.

A physical reduction in the number of poor in the second quarter of 2019 in comparison with the first quarter of 2019 was 1.6%, or about 1.7 million people. In other words, people are dying?

— “Fighting with the poor” — is not only a figure of speech, not literary revolution. The same Rosstat reports that the population continues to decline. The number of deaths in our country exceeds the number of births. It is generally monstrous. Here, say, in 1937 — was only Stalin’s repressions, but in the 30s the population of the Soviet Union grew rapidly, Russia was growing, we were selected under 250 million people. But today what we have? Russia’s population is shrinking. It just means that the government is willingly or not willingly engaged in the reduction of the population. Reduction in the number of mouths to feed, for that matter. And this socio-economic policy will inevitably lead to the depopulation of our country.

Indeed, it is difficult to determine who is “poor”, but where is poverty begins, so maybe it was intended?

— The government is not interested in that, to determine these categories, it is advantageous to pretend that some number of people were just unlucky, “do not fit into a market economy” and so is the reserve army of labor of the capitalist economy, people who are ready to grab any job in order to survive, is “normal” for capitalism. Therefore, the authorities do not know in what condition people are, it is important to not rebel.

But if people are not rebels, the government pretends that everything is within tolerance.

Here is an example of the needs of the majority it became known that in the first quarter of 2019 the debt of the population on payment of housing and communal services increased by 28.7 billion to Effectively fight the growing debt for utility services, the authorities have not yet obtained?

— They also do everything that the debt has increased, they continuously come up with new taxes. If before the collection of solid and liquid domestic waste were included in the total cost of the rent, now for each category is administered a Supplement. This means that out-of-pocket people pull more and more money. And despite the fact that the solvency of the population, real incomes are falling for the sixth consecutive year, it is possible to imagine these “scissors”, where incomes are falling and on the other costs rise. That is, people are just not physically able to pay for utility tariffs, particularly given their constant growth. People barely have enough for the most basic things to maintain their existence.

In classical political economy wages, which the worker needs the capitalist to pay, is determined not only as a means to maintain him and his ability to work, but also as a means of maintaining his family. That is, the economy of the ruling group is that is over-exploitation, much worse than allow the greedy capitalists of the British Empire, i.e. the degree of over-exploited exceeds even what we did in Western Europe of the previous centuries. The ruling class behaves with Russia as a colony.

Nevertheless, officials Express concern, for example, that people began to buy on credit food, credit cards have become the most commonly used in supermarkets…

Is a horrible situation with payday loans and total debt load in the banks — there’s a trillion sums, the level of debt load are terrible and housing is only one and the main object of fear, wonder appeared recently, this conflict between Nabiullina and Oreshkin. Because Oreshkin says — and I agree with him — the increase in consumer demand causes people to endlessly borrow huge inflated bubble that will explode sooner or later, buried under them all.

Inflated bubble of credit, pushing the population to ensure that they took these endless loans, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that loans are growing, there is a deliberate policy of government to force people to take out loans and fall into addiction. And there is a new political reality, people are so afraid of losing their jobs, because in this case they will not be able to repay loans, especially a mortgage, can lose the apartment, but it is a terrible thing in Russian conditions, people are afraid to take a socially responsible position, are afraid to speak out against the employer, are afraid to speak out against the government.

Again, for people trying to reduce prices, as it turns out, Rosstat says about deflation of prices, where would it come from? Maybe because the product itself was to weigh less, they say, many of such packing is very annoying…

— Yes, we are known as the inventors of new values, it turns out “a dozen eggs” is nine and a half-liter is 0,45. In fact, the reason for deflation is very simple: the fallen solvent demand of the population, that is people just not buying anything. So sellers have to keep prices at the same level, otherwise generally will not demand any. If you deprive people of the money — inflation would be zero, people won’t buy, and the prices will not grow. In a similar situation we are now, and to be proud of there is absolutely nothing.

The debt load creates a new class of dependent people, at the same time, there is a new class of wealthy families… Forbes made an important and significant caveat the lists are now not individual figures, and family?

— Yes, we do not have a capitalist economy, the feudal system emerges. These clans don’t just have the clans full closure way up capable people. This denial of even well-established Western model of capitalism, which still encourages social mobility, to work for the good of society most talented people. But here everything is sealed tightly. This one hundred families take complete control, they placed elbows, put around the repressive law-enforcement bodies and they want to continue to loot Russia, that’s the whole point of their existence, their entire economic philosophy.

Growing new aristocracy, and if in the middle ages the aristocracy arose from the armed people who defended the people and land that we have-that is people who seized the land, sacking the very people. They were just in the right time in the right place, happened rather in the times of Yeltsin and Chubais, pieces of public property and today pose as benefactors of the nation.

Our wonderful “Golden million” will have to return the stolen goods, without this progress, Russia will, if not restore social justice. No state can stand, if so grossly violated the principles of social justice, which is exactly what is happening now in Russia.

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