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In the “Explorer” Windows 10 started showing ads

В «Проводнике» Windows 10 начался показ рекламыIntrusive promotional offers were the reason for user complaints.

Microsoft began to advertise their products directly in Windows Explorer 10.

The user is prompted to upgrade to the paid version of cloud storage OneDrive.

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In the case of OneDrive, users are encouraged to purchase a 1 TB of free cloud storage in addition to the free 5 GB. Users report that even after they refused the offer, the advertisement appeared again some time later.

Completely to refuse advertising service OneDrive can only be unchecking the option “Show notification provider synchronization” in the “settings” section of the conductor. However, disabling this setting will entail rejection of all other messages of the sync service.

Also in recent weeks, users can be offered a subscription to Office 365, which provides a full set of features in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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