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In the DPRK recorded a nuclear explosion

В КНДР зафиксирован ядерный взрывIn the country there was a powerful earthquake.

Near the site of Pungere located in Korea, recorded the earthquake at a depth of zero kilometers. The quake was artificial, and they occurred on the morning of September 23.

The Agency noted that seismologists earlier said that the fact that the “ground” of the earthquake may indicate only that the tremors had an artificial character. “The Chinese seismological service said that the earthquake probably occurred as a result of the explosion and that it happened in the same place where was held the last the explosion of a hydrogen bomb,” – said the seismologists. According to experts, the tremors were not as powerful as in the beginning of September, when there was a thermonuclear explosion. Then the magnitude was 6.3 points, and today is 3.4 points.

However, the staff of the meteorological Agency of South Korea hastened to declare that the earthquake may be natural, and there was no explosion. Recall, 15 September, North Korea launched another missile , which flew over the Japanese island of Hokkaido and in a few minutes fell into the Pacific ocean at a distance of 2,000 km to the East of Cape Erimo.

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