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In Ryazan in the eyes of the children killed the ride operator

В Рязани на глазах у детей погиб оператор аттракционаWorker shopping centre died trying to stop the attraction.

An employee of one of the shopping centers in Ryazan, serving the children’s attraction, was killed while working, reported on Sunday, July 16, on the website of the regional Department of insurance. According to preliminary data, the young man wanted it to stop the mechanism.

The incident occurred in the afternoon on Sunday. Was the attraction the children were not injured. Upon the death of Riazan born in 1994 is being tested. Investigators establish the circumstances of the incident.

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Local portal “Pro City”, citing witnesses, gives details of the incident. We are talking about attraction “Flip-corralito”, a mechanism which rhythmically lowers and raises the seat. During operation the failure occurred, causing high chairs stuck in an unnatural position (at an angle), and the children began to scream. The operator rushed to help, but at this point part of the mechanism dramatically fell and crushed him.

“I heard loud screams, ran out from behind the counter and ran to the attraction. I saw that children are clamped by the fastening and began to try to free them. Around were parents, women were screaming. It was a real panic,” — leads edition the words of one of the witnesses.

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In June it was reported that the ride in the amusement Park Six Flags in new York fell 14-year-old girl. She slipped out of the seat and hung at a height of seven feet and her neck when it got stuck. The teenager managed to save.

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