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In Russia, the military unit was named in honor of Ukrainian cities

В России воинские части назвали в честь украинских городов
Three Russian shelf now contain the name of Ukrainian cities, namely Lviv, Zhytomyr and Nezhin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decrees on awarding honorary titles to a number of units of the Russian army, including the names of such Ukrainian cities as Lviv, Zhytomyr and Nizhyn. Relevant documents published on the official portal of legal information of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that the decrees signed on 30 June 2018 and already entered into force. Thus, the sixth tank regiment of the Russian army now bears the honorary title of guards of Lviv, 68th tank regiment guards Zhitomir-Berlin, 163-Panzer regiment – guards Nezhin.

As explained in the decrees, honorary titles has different parts “with the purpose of preserving the glorious tradition of military history, indoctrination in the spirit of devotion to the Motherland and loyalty to military duty”.

It is also noted that the names of Ukrainian cities are included in the honourable names of the regiments to commemorate the participation of the parts in the liberation of these cities during the Second world war. In particular, the honorary title of Zhytomyr was rated 93-th separate tank brigade, which later became the 68th regiment, “in commemoration of the victory and distinction in the battles for the liberation of Zhitomir”.

In addition, a number of units of the Russian army was given the honorary name, including the names of the cities of Belarus – Vitebsk, Kobrin, Slonim, and also the name of the capital of Poland.

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