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In Russia products rise in price three times faster than in the EU

В России продукты дорожают в три раза быстрее, чем в ЕС

In Russia in the first quarter of growth in food prices has exceeded 3.5%, while in the European Union, the food has become more expensive slightly more than 1%.

Stronger in January-March 2019 in the Russian shops rose vegetable prices is 20.8% (the average for EU countries is 3.9%). Fruits in the Russian Federation for the I quarter of 2019 has risen by 4.1% (the EU average is 0.8%), bakery products and cereals – by 2.9% (in the EU – 0.9%).

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Fish and seafood; sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sweets became more expensive in Russia in January-March by 1.6% (in EU – on 0,5% and 1,2% respectively), oils and fats by 1.1% (EU average prices are not changed), dairy products, cheeses and eggs – on 0,8% (in EU – on 0,5%), meat and meat products – by 0.7% (in the EU at 0.3%).

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Recall that last year, the Russian rising prices ahead of the European figure is almost four times. So food in Russia in 2018 rose in price by 5.5%, while the average for European countries during this same time, food became more expensive by 1.3%, from dannyflorida state statistics service (Rosstat).

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