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In Russia, found a sharp increase in the cost of cellular communication

Mobile operators are lying to us with you right in the face: advertising supposedly much more profitable tariff plans and shifting them to its subscribers without their consent, they cheat you into paying more.

As found out by research Agency Content Review, cellular communications in our country in just a year, very much more expensive. The difference in the average cost of services between 2016 and 2017 amounted to as much as 15% are not in favor of the latter: the average cost of the minimum package rates with prepaid minutes and 1 GB of traffic amounted to 269 rubles, and this is the same 15 percent more than the year before. Analysts say a number of factors that caused the growth of prices, including the exchange rate, which, however, this year practically has not changed – there are official statistics.

In fact, everything is much more prosaic and silly to argue: it’s simply the desire of all operators to earn as much as possible, squeezing from its subscribers the maximum amount of money for communication. Soon, by the way, is another price increase, because in December, all operators will be forced to abolish national roaming, and for them it will mean a sharp decline in profits, which can be prevented only by increasing the cost of services within the home region.

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