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In Russia completely denominational messengers

In Russia came into force the Ordinance on obligatory identification of all users without exception, all the messengers, acting on the territory of our country. This means that each user will now be verified by phone number.

If the data specified in the profile messenger, will not coincide with the data on who decorated a room, the account may be blocked. The same applies to profiles that are registered on the SIM card purchased without a passport. As usual, everything is dictated by the fight against terrorism, but in fact this is another method of surveillance of citizens, because now those at the top, it will be easier to tie the correspondence to a specific person.

The resolution was signed in November 2018 and is valid throughout Russia and subscribers of all operators without exception. At the time of writing the news have no complaints of locking of the account. Recall that in Russia demand Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram. The latter, however, is officially blocked in the country, but it absolutely does not interfere.

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