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In Poltava the beneficiaries came payment system in 12 thousand hryvnias

На Полтавщине льготнику пришла платежка на 12 тысяч гривенThe whole neighborhood serves the boiler room, which heats a total of 12 apartments.

12 thousand hryvnia for heating – so the payment for January was received by the family of a person liable of Chernobyl, Alexei Yaresko in Dykanka (Poltava region) for heating 68 sq m two-bedroom apartment. Because of debts of housing and communal services promise to submit to the court.

Man – chernobylets, use the privilege, which heating he will have to pay “only” 9 thousand UAH. Account for a few hundred hryvnia less than the sent and neighbors. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“They consist of otete Giga-calorie, apply the formula for houses, where there is a heat meter, and we don’t have,” explained Ryabikhin.

However, his neighbor Valentina has Autonomous heating, and in January a woman paid 700 UAH.

The management of the local municipal enterprise the indignant residents explain that the whole neighborhood caters to a boiler that heats a total of 12 apartments.

All the rest of the apartment – heating system. Despite the fact that the boiler uses only a small part of the population, costs less not be as laid down in the bills and salaries RABOTNIKOV boiler.

Recently from the boiler refused several apartments, and if the problem in the near future will decide the amount of receipts will become even more suggests Ryabikhin.

The tenant has long been asking the local government to install in his apartment Autonomous heating. To him as exempt, will do it for free, and the village Council agree to undertake an appropriate refurbishment.

However, money on heating, and from-for a debt to 16 thousand UAH, the utility was going to be on Yaresko in court.

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