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In Odessa vandals mutilated sculpture on the roof of the Opera house

В Одессе вандалы изувечили скульптуру на крыше Оперного театраThe theatre expressed his version.

Unknown persons broke the main part of the structure of the Odessa theater of Opera and ballet. The Panther’s paw, which causes the chariot with the Muse Melpomene, found on the roof.

Catch the photo the morning sun between the sculptures to take a selfie at the highest point of the Odessa Opera, and most importantly to feel the adrenaline rush of desperate, risking their lives, organize video and photo session. Damaged after the paw of a Panther on the roof noticed by chance during a survey of the building a quadcopter. She broke off and only by miracle has not fallen down. In the theater sure has damaged her fans of extreme frame, so now do not only restoration, but first of all, how to restrict unauthorized access to the roof. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Fans self unauthorized reach the rooftop here at the fire escapes on both sides of the building. In theater was fenced with mesh and installed surveillance, but while the video on the trail of criminals out didn’t help. They break the grid down castles, climb ladders on the facade. “It is a monument of national importance, and of course, we are very sad that she’s treated well, no respect, so to speak,” admits the chief of service of repair and maintenance of the building of the theatre Alla Goldinova.

Rufer Andrew visited the Dipole on the roof of the Opera house and even set at its highest point the flag of Ukraine. However, he argues that these roofers in town will be typed no more than a dozen, and they all have a code of honor – conquering the height carefully to avoid damage to valuable cultural sites. “Must be distinguished from rothery students is 9-11 class, who want us to emulate. But they do not, they may break something, can break the window to get in. We’re going to go look for a solution how to climb, so as not to damage anything,” he says.

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