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In Kuzbass the mayor complained about the journalist to the Prosecutor’s office for interviews with residents

В Кузбассе мэр пожаловался на журналистку в прокуратуру из-за интервью с горожанами

In the Kemerovo region the mayor of the city of Kiselevsk Maxim Karabelnikov wrote to the Prosecutor’s statement to the editor of the local edition “news of Kiselevsk” Natalia Zubkov, who, in his opinion, conducting unauthorized meetings with residents.

According to “”, Zubkov conducted several interviews with residents about the problems of the neighborhoods. “News of Kiselevsk” first wrote about the underground fire near homes, and about worms in the local water supply. In February, for a meeting with a journalist in the village of Afonino came 200 people who told her the problems with drinking water and coal dust. Communication with the media had accompanied the police and ambulance. The municipality, according to Zubkova, thus wanted to show that it is prepared to a certain mass event, which in fact was not. After that, the mayor Karabelnikov threatened the journalist that “it will take a special bodies”.

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In a statement Karabelnikov to the Prosecutor’s office States that “in recent years, < … > increase the Assembly of citizens, the organizer of which is editor of the online edition “news of Kiselevsk” Natalia Zubkova”. “In violation of Federal law, <…> [it] does not inform local authorities about public events, thereby exposing itself and residents of the danger,” the document says.

Zubkov considers the mayor’s inadequate — there is no law limiting the number of possible participants in the communication with journalists.

Earlier Karabelnikov written statement to the police on an American tourist Alina Simone. Simone engaged in extreme tourism, fluent in Russian, worked in the US a journalist. In the Kemerovo region she was visiting for two weeks and did a photoshoot of the meeting of the mayor of Kiselevsk with residents who complained that they are forced to drink water with worms. Karabelnikov has addressed in police with the requirement to check the legality of a finding American women in the city. According to the mayor, the purpose of the visit Alina does not correspond to a tourist visa — Karabelnikov thought it was a business trip. In relation to Simone opened a criminal case under part 2, article 18.8 of the administrative code (“Violation by a foreign citizen the rules of entry to Russia”), later the court fined 2 thousand rubles.

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