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In Kiev want to give up plastic bags

В Киеве хотят отказаться от полиэтиленовых пакетовOne Ukrainian uses more than 500 packages per year in Germany indicators less than 10 times

Kiev signed the petition, according to which the capital will be prohibited the use and sale of plastic bags, such decision was supported by the city Council.

In the Parliament may initiate a bill to ban plastic bags

Recently, residents of the capital had signed the petition No. 2125 prohibiting the use and sale of disposable plastic bags.

“Has long proven to be thrown away and not disposed by all the rules of the polyethylene is fully decomposed over a period exceeding 100 years. The problem of used packages in the world is already so acute that many countries have adopted or are developed by legislation that expressly prohibit the use of plastic bags,” said the petition, which was signed 10 415 Kiev.

This initiative was supported by the Kyiv city Council, which on 20 December during a meeting, decided to submit an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada to adopt a law banning the use and sale of plastic bags, as this issue should not be resolved at the local and at the state level.

“With this purpose, the Council appeals to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a request to solve the issue of banning the use of plastic bags at the legislative level”, – stated in the message of city Council.

From disposable packages refused more than 40 countries

So, according to statistics in European Union countries is used annually by more than 800 tons of disposable packs, and only 6% of the total number are recycled.

“Time use plastic bag on purpose rarely exceeds 30 minutes, and the period of decomposition is more than 100 years”, – says Andrey Fischuk the Director of the Department of urban development and the preservation of the natural environment.

So, Fishchuk, explains that in Ukraine one person has more than 500 plastic bags a year, while the average German in the past year used only 45 of these packages.

“This leads to the environmental pollution, causes the blockage of streets, green and coastal areas of reservoirs. Given this, about 40 countries have already adopted regulations that either forbid or restrict the use of plastic bags,” said city Council Deputy Konstantin Yalova.

For example, in California from disposable packages abandoned in favor of paper packaging in 2015, a similar initiative was taken in France and in the capital of Belgium – Brussels, and in Kenya and all over the use of plastic bags given 4 years in prison and a 40 thousand dollar fine.

Whether to effect a ban in Ukrainian realities

In Ukraine the talk of banning packets arise is not the first time, but still did not succeed. In February, the Parliament was registered a draft law No. 6020 “On the regulation of the manufacture, use, importation and distribution throughout the territory of Ukraine of plastic bags”, which in may was sent back for revision.

Despite the fact that plastic bags really harm the environment and pollute the environment, abandon them completely and go to alternatives Ukrainians will be difficult. Moreover, distinct mechanisms for control of the prohibition and is not provided.

So, the Director of the Kiev ekologo-cultural center Vladimir Boreyko in comments to the website “Today” said that the prohibition of packages in our reality is impossible for many reasons.

“In order to remove this issue environmental Commission proposed to apply to the Verkhovna Rada. This is not possible for many reasons. First, there is nothing to replace plastic bags, and secondly, it will be very expensive for producers, and thirdly, who will it be controlled?”, – says Boreyko.

The expert is sure that further conversations business will not go, and the use and sale of plastic bags so no one will forbid. But it is worth thinking not about a total ban, and about the proper recycling of plastic.

“Then it’s not going anywhere, because you need to write a serious bill, but in our conditions it is impossible. You can talk about the restriction of the processing, because the best plastic to recycle, and the ban – this, again, is control and serious problems,” – said Boreyko.

We will remind, recently it was reported that in Vyshgorod Kiev region began to sort the garbage. To this end, the city put 87 special containers.

Sort waste in the town while two species: one for recycling, the other for recycling.

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