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In Kiev there was a scandal.

В Киеве разгорелся скандал с переселенцамиWith settlers demanded a round sum for a dormitory.

In Kiev new scandal with immigrants from Donetsk and Lugansk. 25 families that settled in 2014-2015 in a hostel of the Ministry of justice on the street Kustanay, tried to turn out onto the street by security forces.

The main reason for the reluctance of Donetsk and Luhansk to enter into contracts with the administration under which they have to pay like… tourists per bed. The settlers are said to have settled on the allocation of Kiev city hall. The authorities say that only recommend the hostel for accommodation.

Recently displaced persons who for several years lived in the dormitory of the Institute of law and post-graduate training of the Ministry, turned off the light from their room carrying something, and those who were not in place, just not allowed into the building. The medic from Donetsk Iryna Omelchenko with her husband and five daughters and 11 years living in a 12-meter room in 2015. She says that when her family tried to leave the room, they blocked the door, lock the Bay with foam. “We arrived in Kiev and got an appointment in the justice Ministry, which received permission to settle as immigrants”, — tells us Natalya. Now, according to her, the Dorm put her through 160 thousand UAH, which she needs to return in 2015. From such amount, no one can explain — neither the hostel nor Natalie.

According to her, officially she and her family did not recognize the settlers as they came to Kiev, not directly from Donetsk and in Kharkov, where temporarily lived with relatives. Svetlana Novikova living in a triple room with husband visually impaired, seven-year-old daughter and mother, told “Vesti” that took shape in the hostel in 2014, immediately after the outbreak of hostilities. “Representatives of the KSCA we were met at the station and was advised to come here, helped with the documents,” — says Svetlana. She said that for three years, offered her no other housing of KGGA with her no one contacted. But in a Dorm her offer to move to another system of payment — not for a room and a bed. “I don’t want to sign a contract, because there is no guarantee that we someone is not addicted,” says Svetlana.

Director of the Institute Ekaterina Chizhmar told “Vesti” that no tenants to evict is not going to. “These people got here on their own, in the ministries and the KSCA, we did not provide any information about them. We want to conclude a Treaty with them, so they can pay for a bed. At the moment the contract is concluded 14 families from 25. Those who categorically refused, we will issue a day pass” — tells us Chizhmar.

According to her, the building passed to balance of Ministry of justice from the Ministry of industrial policy to 2015, and most of these 25 families were settled in 2014. “But no one scored. As the University hostel, we can conclude a contract for the provision of a bed with anyone,” she said. The Ministry of justice, which sent an inquiry about this situation and promised to deal.

And the Department of social policy of Kyiv city state administration said that in 2014, only encouraged the settlers to choose a new place of residence. According to the Director of the Department of Yuri Krikunova, there is currently no program to provide housing for immigrants: “It is only to be developed”.

Lawyer Natalia, Calvalcante advised to apply to the court: “the Problem was created by government, ustremivshis of its decision and pitting foreheads of people and a new administration of the hostel. The first count on the lawful benefits as a displaced people, the second wants to earn legally in their tariffs.”

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