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In Kiev, sharply increased the number of patients with measles

В Киеве резко увеличилось число больных корьюAmong the patients there are even children who are vaccinated.

In Kiev, rapidly increasing the number of cases of measles. During the 22 day of November, measles ill 23 people. Since the beginning of the year the capital has recorded 80 cases.

The majority of patients now hospitalized. Half have the severe form of the disease. Measles and picked up three kids who are vaccinated. However, the disease they carry much easier.

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Vaccinations are the only protection against measles, say the doctors. They claim that the vaccines in the capital lasts.

Early immunologists predicted the peak of the epidemic of measles in Ukraine to 2018. Under the threat of destruction and disease can be from 10 to 100 thousand people. It is expected that most of the measles will suffer Chernivtsi, Zaporizhzhya, Chernihiv and Rivne region. The main problem is that people are skeptical about vaccination and do not agree to it.

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