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In Kiev possible riots and provocations during the may holidays

В Киеве возможны беспорядки и провокации на майские праздникиThe celebration of may 1 must pass without incident.

May holidays – a time when the Russian special services with special attention to Ukraine. They have made many efforts to make the holidays passed so that it is shown on the propaganda TV to discuss on a talk show. However, according to Ukrainian security experts, at least this year on may 1 should pass without incident, what can be said about the celebration of victory Day.

According to the surveyed experts, the celebration of may 1 must pass without incident, which is not the ninth. Indeed, in Kiev, on victory Day over Nazism traditionally takes place the procession – “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten”. This event is similar to the Russian “Immortal regiment”. Usually, it is accompanied by protest actions, implementation of which is expected this year.

May 1 special provocations are expected. However, there are various formats of protest from the socialists. It is likely that will manifest the remnants of the Communist party. On the other hand, it may be a Patriotic movement that will Express their protest by staging a variety of events. Will provoke if it is destabilizing? No! According to our estimates, a large-scale confrontation in the political format, local is possible,- says the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Assembly, General of army of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh.

These days of yourself can remind the leader of the Communist party Petro Symonenko. He can go on the action devoted to celebration of may 9 and to bring to her party members. He needs to remind himself on the eve of parliamentary elections. Obviously, when a heavyweight of Ukrainian politics want to take this opportunity to come into Parliament.

The so-called pobedobesie, which will be initiated by the Russian forces in Ukraine, it is possible to attempt to carry out mass actions. We are talking about the laying of flowers, demarches with the use of the banned Communist symbols. Perhaps some speculators povydergivat outside of the elderly, give them the flags of Stalin. Of course, we have a lot of useful right-wing idiots who try to rush to deceived people. Therefore, there is a probability of collisions– the Director of the research Center for civil society problems Vitaly Kulik.

At the same time, experts believe that the riots will not. After all, police have positively showed themselves “in action”: a clearly worked out model for the protection of people during a debate between the presidential candidates at the stadium, as well as 1-2 round of presidential elections. Therefore, large-scale provocations will not, local is possible, but they will be neutralized by the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine.

Deputy head of the National police Alexander Fatsevich assures that the service in ensuring public order during the may holidays will involve a sufficient number of police officers. They will be able to prevent the occurrence of emergency situations.

At the may holidays provided by the selection of the personnel in places of concentration of efforts to ensure public safety and protection public order in sufficient quantity. We already proved how well you can perform the tasks. Indeed, during the election campaign, no problems, and the personnel acted well,– said the commander of the National guard Yuriy Alleron.

But in the State border service said that Pro-Russian bikers, entry to Ukraine is prohibited, on the eve of the may 8-9 may try to enter the territory of our state. However, the guards insist that you know how to act in such situations.

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