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In Kiev kindergartens heating season may not begin

For the heating season ready 80 gardens and the Left Bank of Kiev.

The heating season is not for all the people of Kiev will start from October 15. Only in November can warmer battery in a few districts on the left Bank, which is currently in the midst of repair of heating mains. In addition, as journalists learned, 80 kindergartens are not ready to receive the heat due to later than the announced tenders. And condominiums are really prepared, only 14% of homes.

“Not ready for winter 80 gardens”

After a cold weekend when the temperature dropped to +4°C, kiyani talking about heating. But this week, no flushing will not. “We have several years of orientirueshsya solely on the weather. The coolant supply in the house will be when the average daily temperature for three days does not rise above +8 degrees,” – said the adviser to the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Yulia Competent.

This week, according to a forecast meteorologist coldest is Monday and Tuesday, when the average daily temperature will be kept at +8°C, all other days will be warmer, especially at the end of the week, when the temperature reaches +11.5 degrees.

The head of the Commission of the Kyiv city Council concerning housing and communal services Volodymyr Bondarenko said the “Vesti”, the city has a brewing problem with the provision of heat and utilities administrative buildings, primarily of kindergartens, schools and health clinics.

“In order for these institutions received certificate of readiness for winter, they need to carry out appropriate preparatory work and repairs. The tender among contractors for these repairs were carried out for a long time through three quarters, and now in haste on the commissions already vote for anybody, just to get to work. For repairs used only 23% of the funds. It turns out that winter is coming, and we still have 80 preschools have not received the documents (all in Kiev 521 kindergarten). For example, in Solomenskiy district, document authorizing to include heating, there is only one garden,” he says.

In “Kyivenergo” confirmed that the permits were not all buildings of the social sphere, but the data they have better. “Acts of readiness received 76% of kindergartens, 69% of hospitals, 73% of schools of Kiev”, — said the press service.

Not got the acts of 3800 homes

Similar problems and residential homes. Last acts ready for the heating season did not have 3,800 homes. As told to “news” in the “Kyivenergo”, they received 81% of municipal buildings (from 8327) and 14% of houses of osmd and ZHSK (of 2500).

The Executive Director of the Association of Directors of apartment buildings Andrei Nikonchuk considers that public houses cook faster because Hoo, after receiving scolding from district administration before the season starts in a hurry to check and prepare heat-and carry out energy efficiency measures — changing Windows and doors in the front

“On completion of these works “Kyivenergo” checks and issue acts of readiness for the winter. But often the managers of condominiums and housing cooperatives just send them a letter of guarantee with the request to turn on the heating in their laps, and then — after the scandal with the tenants,” he says. I agree with him and Bondarenko. “KSCA gives the order for the inclusion of heat and utilities to homes, and heating for condominiums and housing cooperatives — there is a case for the decision of their Board. They have time to engage on time or not — the question of their responsibility,” he says.

More than 200 damage

In some homes there will be difficulties with connection of heating due to unfinished repairs of heating systems. “Housing in Kiev launched to ugliness. A huge number of damaged heating systems throughout the city. Particularly problematic the left Bank — Rusanivka, ., Kharkiv”, — said Bondarenko.

Now on the left Bank are working to replace 1.2 km of trunk heat networks etc depends on the heat in several neighborhoods of Kiev. The age of this pipeline — more than 55 years, and the official completion date, according to the information Board, only November 30. In “Kyivenergo” said that in the go — trials of the Metropolitan networks, where there are still more than two hundred damage.

Ex-Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Mazurchak said that the problem is in the fact that the Cabinet does not reimburse the costs of subsidies. “Informed annually allocated about UAH 200 million for the training of young Teplosetej, but this year all the money aimed at the installation of meters. Kyivenergo” this year, nor received a penny. Accordingly, no funds for quality training of thousands of kilometers of heating systems,” he explains.

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