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In Kiev figured out how to fight is in the streets

В Киеве придумали, как бороться с рекламой на улицахWhat methods will fight against is.

In recent years, advertising on the streets of Kiev became two times less – from 12 thousand in the superstructure remains 6,5 thousand. Reform of advertising, which developed in the KSCA provides for a further reduction. The maximum number of squares should be 4390 units.

Habitat advertising

Now entrepreneurs can use it for your own advertising the above ground structures is billboards and billboards, building facades and roofs. With regard to territorial borders, the Kiev authorities divided into four zones.

The historical part of the capital and parks belong to the zero zone. It should be free from surface structures, and have strict limitations in the use of facade of advertising.

In the first aspect of the area allowed the city lights. In the second zone it will be possible to meet the design size to 8 square meters. These zones include the Central part of Kiev.

Billboards can be seen only in the third and fourth zones. Here, severe restrictions are not imposed. We are talking about the residential areas of the city.

Advertising on wheels

The transport interchange has been banned. On the roads have no so-called trolls, and pedestrians do not interfere with small portable design.

While on the sides you can still see hundreds of billboards. However, when the owners will end the lease areas, roadside zones will be free from advertising.

In the first place it will do for the purposes of road safety. We are talking about is Parking lots, bus stops near crossings and intersections.

– A lot of factors loss of people on the roads, including the presence in places of concentration of road accident distractions. For anybody not a secret that the task of advertising design is to attract attention. And the problem of the driver not to be distracted by anything, – said the Deputy Chairman of the KCSA Oleksiy Reznikov.

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As for shoulders, there will introduce the so-called buffer zone. Between the big billboards the distance of 100 meters between lights – not less than 20 meters. Thus, the attention of drivers not only not be distracted by the advertising, but will also improve the appearance of city streets.

For now, the zone edges are not arranged. Owners of advertising constructions in the race to establish the shields are bigger and more bright colors to outshine competitors.


A special place of capital advertising – metro. Dozens of signs have only one car underground. In the city authorities ‘ plans to unify the chaotic is underground. At KCSA has established working groups, which will bypass all stations, and in each case to determine where you can place commercial information.

The exception was station-monuments. There advertising should not be at all. This applies to 7 of the 52 metro stations. The scheme of placing advertising on other locations in the autumn will submit for the approval of the mayor.

The losses from declining advertising

At KCSA say that the source of income from advertising is not revenue generating and does not bring significant resources. Therefore, the reduction of advertising space will not be felt in the financial world. But in order really to minimize, increase the rates of advertising.

– We update the rates for advertising. By the end of the year, they will be approved and will act, – informs the head of the Directorate of advertising KCSA Alexander Smirnov.

The past year has brought Kiev 185 million hryvnias of income from advertising. The total capital budget to $ 42 billion. City officials hope that the revision of the tariff will help the development of the advertising business and the growth of tax revenues.

Instead of the wall – shield

Facade advertising – perhaps the most problematic question of reform. Under the new rules, signs should not block architectural elements and engineering communications of buildings.

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But work on the façade advertising rules is ongoing and specific solutions, developers have not yet reported. The only thing known for sure is the type and size of advertising space will depend on the zone in which the building is situated.

Who is will be unavailable

The reduction of advertising space by half and increase the price of them is quite expected may adversely affect the market. Small entrepreneurs will not be able to take the opportunity to advertise their products because of its cost and compete with big players.

For example, the advertising enterprise is likely to give their area the customer who wants to buy, for example, 50 shields, not the one who can only afford 5.

As a solution to the problem, the city authorities plan to raise the platform, Prosaro for sale of rental space. Thus, all potential tenants will be in equal conditions. However, while plans exist at the sentence level and touch on only a few sites in subway stations.

On the way to clean the city

Fully operational a new system for placing advertising within 1-2 years, when the existing lease areas. During this time illegally established billboards and signage government promises to dismantle it. And for violators provided penalties. The minimum is 1800 hryvnia. Plus about 5000 UAH for the dismantling of the structure.

Change whether such measures the situation of appearance of capital, time will tell. Meanwhile, positive examples of the fight against Intrusive signs not far to seek.

The lions have several years of gradually getting rid of the advertising noise and more expressive shows its authenticity. The city solved the problem radically and simply – there is already a few years a moratorium on the installation of new advertising space. This year it was extended again until 2022.

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