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In Kiev came up with three ways of the reconstruction of the bridge shuliavska

В Киеве придумали три способа реконструкции Шулявского мостаIn place of the collapsed overpass could be a new interchange with the ring, “clover” and squares.

In the Department of urban planning and architecture KSCA yesterday showed versions of the projects of reconstruction of the interchange Shulyavska overpass, where on 27 February collapsed part of the sidewalk console area of 52 sq. m. Gorvlasti chose three best project: the new 2-level interchange, 3-tier ring, and isolation-“clover” with the dismantling of the plant “Bolshevik”, developed in 2008.

According to the Deputy head of KCSA Alexander Spasibo, to begin construction of the interchange on the Lot plan at the end of this year. “At the end of 2016, “Directorate of construction of road facilities” signed the contract for feasibility study of reconstruction of the overpass, and today we already have seven reconstruction projects,” said Spaciba.

В Киеве придумали три способа реконструкции Шулявского моста

Photo: V. Lazebnik

Will choose the project that offers the optimal throughput transportation and minimum cost of the project. Earlier it was stated the cost of the new interchange UAH 300 million. Now the cost of officials are not called and the final draft plan to present next month. “The new interchange should also solve the problem with the pedestrian accessibility and Cycling infrastructure,” — said the chief architect of Kiev Alexander Svistunov.

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PROJECTS. As explained by the General Director of “Institute of complex designing of objects of building” John wojtowicz, the proposed 2-level interchange is modern, with large capacity, and implement it in stages. “We propose first to build a new bridge on it to switch the traffic, then pass all of the interchange in parts,” — said wojtowicz. The second approved project — “clover” razvyazka, designed by the Institute “kyivproject” in 2008. It involves the construction of a turn from the street. at PR-t Victories and two exit overpass on Victory Avenue. This will require to demolish part of the shop of the plant “Bolshevik”.

В Киеве придумали три способа реконструкции Шулявского моста

New 2-level. Junction with a large capacity and a phased implementation of the project. Photo: V. Lazebnik

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Also discuss the option of a 3-level interchange with the reverse distribution ring. “This interchange is understandable for drivers and does not require to demolish the shop of the plant “Bolshevik”, — said the author of the project Victor Petruk. In this project next to Sulewski the overpass will be possible to equip two squares.

В Киеве придумали три способа реконструкции Шулявского моста

With the ring. 3-level interchange will be the least dangerous and most friendly for drivers. Photo: V. Lazebnik

JUST REPAIRS. According to Vladimir Vorobiev, Director of “Kievdormostproekt”, the most optimal variant is to overhaul the overpass in the form in which it is. “We need to fix it with the possibility of extension under any of the proposed projects and to stop there,” — said Vorobyov.

Experts say that the concrete structure of the existing viaduct can be replaced by metal — this will speed up the installation time and will continue to complete any of the parts interchange.

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