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In Kharkov a rally of retro cars

В Харькове проходит слет американских ретро-автомобилейBesides motorists, the meeting came and fifty bikers.

Unique American Mustangs, fords and a Buick that was released in early and mid last century, gathered from all over Ukraine in Kharkiv. Retro rally was organized by local motorists. This year under the slogan Made in the USA.

The sound from the exhaust pipe, the owner of the Ford Mustang 1971 release Artem Babenko is ready to listen to forever. The car he gave the woman’s name – Eleonor. It’s designed almost fifty years ago, the inside is ultra-modern.

Even senior this Ford Thunderbird 1959. He came to Kharkov from Cherkassy. The owner says that exclusive model is able to overcome any distance, but this time the risk did not, went on the tow truck.

And so General Motors was very popular in America in the 30-ies among farmers. He now loaded with hay.

Only on retro rally gathered more than 150 American cars. The origin was the criterion of selection of participants.

In addition to motorists for takeoff came and fifty bikers. Considering unique cars everyone will be able during the weekend in the Central square of Kharkov.

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