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In Kazakhstan put to flight the traveler who did not take off the headphones

В Казахстане выставили с рейса туриста, который не снимал наушникиBecause of this incident, sending the plane was delayed for half an hour.

Passenger Kazakh SCAT airlines, Kazakhstan, was removed from the flight due to the fact that he refused to comply with the requirement of the crew to take off the headphones and deactivate the electronic device. The incident occurred on February 24 at the DV 730 flight Kostanay — Almaty.

The portal citing a statement the airline reported that during the preparation of the aircraft for the flight and read flight attendants pre-flight information, one of the passengers refused to take off audionautica and disable the electronic device at the request of the crew. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Flight attendants made several attempts to explain to the passenger about the need to comply with the requirements of the crew, which primarily relate to ensuring safe flight, for which he received aggressive resistance. Actions of this nature are classified as a violation of the Aviation legislation of Kazakhstan and an obstacle to ensure safe flight by the crew. As a result, the aircraft commander, the decision was taken on lifting the passenger side and the scheduled flight without him,” said the airline.

Because of the incident, the delay was half an hour.

SCAT Airlines is one of the largest airlines of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Founded in 1997. In the Park 18 aircraft — Boeing-737 — 757, 767s and Bombardier CRJ 200. Main hubs located in Almaty, Aktau and Astana. In Russia operates flights to Moscow, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody and Rostov‑on‑don.

In 2015 the European aviation safety Agency and Federal aviation administration, the US stated that signals from phones “does not affect the operation of the aircraft.” After that, many carriers, primarily Europe and the United States ceased to require passengers to turn off electronic gadgets during takeoff and landing. From 1 July 2016 to keep the gadgets included allowed “Aeroflot”.

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