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Kazakhstan has begun a quiet war against the so-called Russian

Back in October, 2019 with the filing of the former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan started to be seriously considered initiatives on the transfer of the alphabet to the Latin alphabet. In January 2019, one year ago, deputies of the Kazakh Parliament has also offered to support the …

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“Russia will soon begin to lag behind Kazakhstan”

The Russian economy continues to lag behind the world. Russian rate — below 2%, if not 1.5 percent, of the world — twice. It’s not pleasing anyone, and the President in the first place. Vladimir Putin set the goal: Russia must enter the top five economies in the world on …

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Where to take the credit for agribusiness in Kazakhstan

The government actively supports the agricultural sector, but without a loan to develop agribusiness is almost impossible. Where and how profitable to take loans to agricultural producers in Kazakhstan? The area of land with crops is constantly growing, farmers are actively increasing the number of livestock. Many farmers in Kazakhstan …

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The desire of Kazakhstan and China coincide

Why is it so rarely used “Occam’s razor”, all strive is usually to come up with something more complicated and confusing, so, like, closer to the truth. Here we take the same care of Nazarbayev clocked around that any conspiracy through the roof. And at the same time the most …

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