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In Japan, the construction of the building starting from the top floor

В Японии строительство здания начинают с верхнего этажаThis method of construction has resulted in finding ways of minimizing costs.

Unusual? Of course! But here experts of the Japanese company Kajima (Tokyo) has estimated that costs for the construction of high-rise buildings can be reduced at least by 12-15%, and the pace of construction will increase by 25-30%!

For this purpose, the engineers of the Rising Sun suggest using the AMURAD system, which performs automatic rise building structures using advanced hydraulic technology.

Unlike traditional methods of building construction in which the growth of the construction workers are forced to climb higher and higher, the staff Kajima all the basic operations produces the high level of the first floor. In addition to a substantial increase in security, this allows to greatly simplify the supply of construction materials and installation of individual modules and life support systems.

This approach turns the site in a normal factory floor, which simplifies communication between specialists and management process as a whole. According to official information of the developer, the application of new technologies can count on 40-50% reduction in the number of people employed on the site. The remaining staff can use their time more efficiently by eliminating the need to spend it on climbs and descents.

After completed the Assembly of all structures of the next floor, a computer-controlled system of hydraulic lifts ensure its ascent to a level that allows you to start editing the next one. Each of the hydraulic lifts of the AMURAD system designed for the weight of 600 tons. In the course of practical testing of new technologies in the construction of residential neighborhood in the city of Nagoya (Central Japan) ten such lifts quite successfully supported the construction of 9-storey buildings.

The next step in the use of the unusual method experts Kajima involve the construction of an office center in Tokyo. If this works for the empowerment of the AMURAD system for the construction of a 15-20 storey buildings.

By the way, features new technologies interested in Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi. According to preliminary data, these engineering giants intend to use their benefits in the construction of not only houses, but also larger ships – supertankers and LNG carriers.

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