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Foreigners starting to realize errors of ‘Russophobic hysteria’ – Olympic official

The sweeping bans imposed on Russian athletes are the result of “unprecedented external pressure and Russophobic hysteria” but sporting organizations will reverse course and understand their mistakes, according to Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) president Stanislav Pozdnyakov. Russian and Belarusian competitors have been barred from a wide range of international events …

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Government admits to accidentally starting massive wildfire

President Joe Biden’s administration has identified the culprit behind the two blazes that merged last month to become the state of New Mexico’s biggest wildfire on record: the government itself. The two fires were both started accidentally by the US Forest Service (USFS), the agency said on Friday. Both fires …

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Andrey Sushentsov: Ukraine could be just the starting point of a bigger crisis

Why do Russian-Ukrainian relations concern every Russian and Ukrainian? To some extent, what is happening is a delayed civil war, which could have happened in the early 1990s with the collapse of the USSR, when the first generation of Russian and Ukrainian leaders boasted that they had avoided a bloody divorce like the one in Yugoslavia. In Russia, every other person …

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New stage of Ukraine operation starting – Lavrov

Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is entering a new phase, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told Indian media. In an interview aired on Tuesday, Lavrov said the goals of the military action in Ukraine had been declared by Moscow from the start, and one of those goals was the …

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Ambassador warns of ‘tinderbox’ at risk of starting US-China war

China’s ambassador to the US has warned that Beijing and Washington are likely destined for war if the latter encourages Taiwan to seek independence, describing Taipei as the “biggest tinderbox” in the relationship between the countries. “If the Taiwanese authorities, emboldened by the United States, keep going down the road …

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Russia to withdraw from International Space Station starting from 2025, deputy PM confirms, as Moscow works on replacement

Moscow will “notify [partnering countries] about its withdrawal from the ISS starting from 2025,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told TV channel Rossiya-1 on Sunday. He added that the country would hold consultations with other nations about future cooperation once the station ceased to function.   The deputy prime minister’s …

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