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In Iceland, due to the overabundance of tourists have closed the famous canyon

Fatallity became famous because of Justin Bieber.

Canyon with nevygovarivaemym, Fatallity in the South of Iceland, which became popular after shooting of the clip there’s Justin Bieber, cover by 1 June. The reason for this decision of the Agency for the protection of the environment of Iceland is the excessive influx of tourists.

Yet the Icelandic environmental Agency closed the canyon to 1 June. In fact, the original natural attraction had planned to close only two weeks, and did so on February 27. But hopes that this time will have time to recover tourists trampled the vegetation on the trails, did not materialize. Access for tourists had to be closed a second time.

According to the Director of the national Agency for tourism Visit Iceland Inga Hlin Palsdottir, the canyon is a natural wonder, and it should be treated with care. However, the fact that the canyon is closed, not only the fault of fans to walk around the filming locations of popular movies and clips. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Not only tourists, but the spring thaw affects Fatallity. So you don’t have to constantly close the canyon, you need to create infrastructure for tourists and not allow them to go where you want. In Iceland is now much more guests than a couple of years ago, this need to adapt,” says head of Visit Iceland.

Wikipedia reports that is a canyon in South East Iceland whose depth reaches 100 m, and length – about 2 km. Through it flows the river Viagra. The steep canyon walls and winding water. Its origin dates back to the cold periods of the ice age about two million years ago.

The Icelandic Fatallity became famous after clip of Justin Bieber “I’ll Show You”, filmed there in 2015.

There’s also a video on YouTube of tourists to this natural attraction has doubled.

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