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In Guatemala, the people made a fatal lynching of the mayor

В Гватемале люди устроили смертельный самосуд над мэромThe mayor burned alive.

In Guatemala, there was a glaring case of the massacre with officials of the small town of concepción. Razdevanie locals pulled 43-year-old mayor Basilio of Hurakan from his house, doused with gasoline after a methodical beating on fire.

It is reported that local residents who participated in the massacre, suspected policy of organizing an attack on Lorenzo Sekek, who accused the mayor of fraud and demanded an investigation of corruption.

The attack on Basilio of Hurakan occurred on Sunday, October 11. The car, which was the mayor of Concepcion with his family, blocked the path of another car, from which the unknown opened fire on policy. As a result, 17-year-old daughter and 16-year-old niece of Hurakan died from his injuries, and the mayor and four other of his relatives were wounded. After that the mayor was attacked by an angry mob. Police arrived on the scene too late to save policy.

It is worth noting that in Guatemala, a very high level of crime. According to statistics, in the period from January to may this year it was 2343 kills. Last year, in this small country on average was 15.5 murders per day.

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