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In Germany, the Ukrainian condemned for the fatal accident

Truck broken car was dragged about 200 meters.

Before the crash, the Ukrainian had a lot of pain pills because of the pain in the hips. But they did not help, and the man together with a colleague-a Russian drank vodka.

The court in the German city of Monchengladbach has sentenced the Ukrainian trucker Valeriy Yu to two years and ten months in prison for committing them drunk and hitting a police car in December of 2017, resulting in the death of 23-year-old policewoman.

The court found the citizen of Ukraine guilty of negligent homicide and bodily harm by negligence. The judge noted that the defendant showed “sincere remorse” to the crime.

The driver made arrival on December 27 about 21 hours local time. German police received a message from the Netherlands about the truck, winding along the highway. The patrol car waited for him at the autobahn A61 near the town of Viersen on the runway for an emergency stop. The police turned on flashing lights and emergency lights. The truck crashed into a car at a speed of 71 kilometers per hour. The driver did not stop, causing the truck with a broken car drove for about another 200 metres.

Earlier the lawyer of the defendant is told of the way his client had a lot of pain pills because of the pain in the hips. But the pills the pain is not appeased. Subsequently, heeding the Council, together with a colleague-a Russian citizen, he drank vodka.

Valery Yu planned to continue the journey the next day, but got behind the wheel the evening of the same day when drinking alcohol. Soon after leaving the site truck accident on the autobahn A61. After the accident the driver’s blood found three ppm of alcohol. 23-year-old employee of the German police died at the scene, two of her colleagues received injuries.

The Ukrainian was taken into custody the next day after the accident. The man was sitting in prison.

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