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In Germany selling rare GAS

В Германии продают раритетный ГАЗ The car was built in 1948.

In Germany put up for sale a vintage Soviet car “Pobeda” GAZ-M-20, off the Assembly line in 1948.

The car “Victory” the seller wants to bail out 2,9 thousand euros.

The seller of the car “Pobeda” GAZ-M-20 living in the German city of Aachen, the German fair notes that the condition of the car is far from perfect.

In particular, on the body there are traces of corrosion, so the buyer will have to work hard to restore the car and bring it gloss.

This Soviet classic vehicle is on the move. Under the hood of “Victory” is the engine capacity of 4.4 liter that generates 52 horsepower, it is a couple with a 3-speed manual transmission. To control “hundreds” car accelerates for 46 seconds.

The first copies of the car “Victory” rolled off the Assembly line in 1948, this model was produced over the next ten years. In the USSR, the car has acquired cult status, despite the mediocre specifications.

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