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In Facebook, there are additional opportunities

В Facebook появились дополнительные возможности In the popular social network Facebook, there are additional opportunities to respond to a number of emotions.

There is a view of six basic psychological manifestations: surprise, sadness, anger, love, peace and joy.

The engineers of the social network Facebook has extended the functionality associated with the “response” to user comments. According to the revised data by The Verge, we are talking about the ability to respond to public posts from time to time by in popular social networks. We are talking about the introduction of emoticons for expressing six basic emotions of man. To use the “emotional” elements in desktop and mobile versions of Facebook. Experts note that as at today in the mobile application update is not activated yet.

It is especially noted that in March, Facebook Messenger became available two new functions: the reference to “friends” for group conversations and activity in terms of response to individual messages. In addition, users can put “likes”, “dislikes” and meet other “emotions” in the course of personal correspondence.

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