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In Dnipropetrovsk found a deadly spider

На Днепропетровщине нашли смертельно опасного паукаAfter his bite numb foot

In Dnipropetrovsk region there was a dangerous spider, whose bites can cause significant harm to human health and even threaten life if not promptly seeking medical care.

This species of spider is called “Yellowmy piercing”. He dwells among the dead trees, herbaceous plants and leaves, twisted into a tube.

Previously, this species of spider found only in Europe and in Ukraine fell recently. It is also known that he was recorded case of a spider bite.

Yellowmy stabbing spider is dangerous to humans. If it is bother, he jumps on the man and pierces his skin. Its bite is comparable to a wasp sting, but it is more painful.

After the attack spider the person can experience acute allergic reaction, increased body temperature. In addition, pain in region of the bite and the pain spreads through the body and then start to numb feet.

In particularly dangerous cases also severe irritability and nervousness. The victims, there is an acute burning pain, swelling of the bitten place, vomiting, dizziness, chills, fever, and blood pressure.

Usually painful symptoms disappear after 24 to 30 hours, otherwise require hospitalization.

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