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In China has fake Apple iPhone 8

Before the announcement of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 is still three months, but it is already possible to buy in China. However, buyers will have to do without iOS and some Apple chips because it is a clone, running on Google Android.

Phone sold in China as the Apple iPhone 8 is not even a forgery, but simply a unique Android smartphone, made some nouneym-firm in some another basement. It features behind the scenes, and his appearance is a symbiosis of Samsung S7, and S8, as well as previous generation IPhones. The phone boasts of a frameless screen, but this is only at first glance — in fact it is the most common, just the edges visually flow to the ends due to the special curved glass.

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Of course, this is the first, but it is only one of the many clones of the Apple iPhone 8, because they all want to earn on the new product from Steve jobs (Yes, that’s him, Tim cook will never replace), because she’s still jubilee. Original Apple iPhone 8 will be released on September 17 of the current year, and the size will be bigger than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In this case, it will have no Home button, and all of its front panel is a large touch screen. To your smartphone just install the new iOS 11.

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