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In Chile, the extreme staged Cycling race, member on city streets

В Чили экстремалы устроили велотурнир на городских улицахThe trail passes directly through the city streets, and sometimes cyclists have to go right into the house.

In the Chilean city of Valparaiso was the most extreme race of the planet. The participants go directly through the city streets, and sometimes homes.

The calm of Paradise the Chilean city of Valparaiso is that it violates the rumble calling at its ports of the ships. However, once a year, and they fall silent. Makes itself felt the revolutionary spirit of the pearl of the Pacific coast. It was the homeland of Salvador Allende and Augusto Pinochet is the most extreme urban Cycling world. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

All the charm of these competitions is that the track is laid directly on city streets. Organizers only add jumps for a staginess dense forest. The rest of the riders romp through numerous stairs, rooftops, and sometimes I stop in the house. Just a half kilometer harassed participants to complete.

“The track is incredibly challenging, makes you work to the limit. Of course, everybody wants to go even faster, but these thoughts are trying to cut. Otherwise you’ll break your bones in these endless stairs”, – said the participant of Tomas Slavik.

Maybe riders are not so afraid of falling if I had more time to prepare. Not to interfere in the normal rhythm of the city, the organizers start to build the track in just a few days before the start, and share with the riders only have a few hours. Although in Valparaiso waiting for them and other surprises.

“There are a huge number of stray dogs, which some fences will not keep. They keep going off the track, and we’re going at the highest speed. Many riders have suffered from them,” explained racer Philip Regiment.

Actually risk here and go. And it concerns not only participants but also spectators. This race has become a landmark of Valparaiso and every year with tens of thousands of thrill-seekers.

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