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In “Alien: Testament” did NOT get a scene of the battle of Xenomorph and Nemaha – although the plans she was!

We knew it! Hell, Ridley Scott and company are again hyping the crap did it! Before Scott caught on that of his movie “Prometheus” was cut many important for a better understanding of plot, ideas, characters and scenes. And now it turns out that a lot of vkusnotischi povyrezali from the movie “Alien: Covenant”! And no, it’s not about Chinese bloodless version, and that movie we saw in cinemas of Russia. Do not be surprised if the result will be that the version WITHOUT edits would be better than the rental version of “Prometheus” and left. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Judge for yourself: from “Covenant” cut scene in which everyone’s favorite Xenomorph fought the creature known as Neomort. This battle many expected, but in the movie it was not (but in the novelization of this episode, I say, discovered). Alas, the scene that we probably will not see in any additional materials to the film for the simple reason that it did not finish during the filming, just abandoning such (although originally planned).

Sources of the website Alien-Covenant claim that the epic battle was supposed to happen when Daniels and Android (Walter or David – we are not going to spoil who it was from Gemini, in case you haven’t seen the film) fled to the dropship, which came to their rescue Tennessee. Neomort had to chase Daniels, and this time on the stage appeared Xenomorph, who attacked the “little brother” and killed.

The meaning of the scene was that Xenomorph, being the dominant species of Another, clearly demonstrated all its excellence, dealing with more than dangerous and aggressive Neomort.

All that remains of this idea in the film, a couple of small points shown during the test sessions (in the end, in the rolling version of the picture they got). In these scenes Daniels and Loup, in anticipation of the arrival of Tennessee, are holding out, standing back to back, because praaavilno! on one side is attacking them Neomort, and on the other hand, Xenomorph.

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