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In a super-prison “House of Death” start a riot (VIDEO)

Such men as Kane Hodder, bill Moseley and Tony Todd can’t hold in the cells. Apparently, therein lies the moral of the film “House of death”.


A secret government prison known as the House of Death becomes the epicenter of the most terrifying riot in history. Two Federal agents will have to go through all nine circles of Hell, making his way through the levels of this dark object, down to the bottom.

In the latest excerpt from the film we are shown that the prisoners had already escaped from the chambers and vengeance rampage. However, despite the fact that in the caste claimed almost all icon of horror, there is one friend in the dark I could not see. Anyway, the stage produces a mixed impression. Not the best shot, weak formulation of actions, improper installation, and finally a strange choice of music. On the other hand, faceless like the muddy dark nightmare grind is not so bad.

Put “House of Death” directed by Bruce Smith (“zombie Killers: elephant Graveyard”), and the script was written by Gunnar Hansen (“Texas chainsaw massacre”).

The movie will be released in us theaters January 26, 2018.

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