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In 2018 is expected to surge malicious web mining

В 2018 году ожидается всплеск вредоносного веб-майнингаCriminals will continue to attack users with ransomware.

“Kaspersky lab” has published the forecast for the development of threats in the field of crypto-currencies and mining in 2018.

In the past year it cryptogenic become one of the most hot topics in the IT sector. And while users create farms for mining, cyber criminals develop new ways to monetize their malicious activities.

In 2018, according to experts of “Kaspersky Lab”, the attackers focus on the most profitable schemes of mining cryptogenes. In particular, the expected surge in malicious web mining.

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Criminals will continue to attack users with ransomware, demanding a ransom in cryptocurrency. At the same time, projected growth of targeted attacks on companies to install miniscule. Unlike ransomware, allowing you to potentially large, but one-time redemption, MINERGIE program guarantee though smaller, but stable income.

Mining boom, according to experts, will affect the entire Internet as a whole, opening new ways to monetize websites. One of them will replace advertising: removal mining script sites will offer users to subscribe to paid content. On the other hand, in exchange for mining users can get free access to entertainment content like movies.

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In addition, the standard security method CAPTCHA to distinguish humans from bots, in some cases, a special regime will be replaced by web mining. Then it will be no matter whether the visitor a bot or a person, while he “pays” in mining.

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