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If the villain venom becomes a hero, then who is his enemy?

In comments to the news about what the film is about Janome will not be part of kynoselen Marvel, the occupant memory Moonspell was genuinely surprised that the bearer of evil alien organism in this movie will be Eddie Brock, known as one of the enemies of spider-Man.

Damn) Well, this is the stupid movie about Brock without Parker to do… In fact it is quite the other character will, without opposition, hostility and this mania of his, and without all these key scenes when the pictures of Parker taken in the magazine, and the pictures of Brock rejected all the damn drama in between)

Actually the question is not even in the personality of Brock. Another question. Venom in the comics is the VILLAIN. But it is obvious that in the film “venom” (Venom), he should be in some sense a hero. In this case, who will become his enemy? Because spider-Man has already made the team “the Avengers”, Marvel, villains it Sony to retrain can not, and it would be extremely foolish – well, some of Peter Parker villain? So venom has to be another antagonist. And now we know who it will be!

So, to face Tom hardy in the role of Brock-venom will be Cletus Cassidy, aka carnage.

Like Brock, carnage is also a symbiote – man, whose body is “hooked” alien parasite. The author of this comic book character is David Micheline (David Michelinie), who came up with the carnage like a darker version of venom just in contrast to the quite human character Eddie Brock. Unlike Brock, carnage, whose name is translated into Russian as “Massacre”, is a complete psychopath, a sadist, devoid of any principles. As a child, Cletus killed his grandmother, tortured and tormented dog to his mother with a drill (!) and tried to kill the very mother. After that mother wanted to finish young Cassidy, but was beaten to the death of his father. Moreover, the court Cletus doesn’t have to testify in favor of saving his father. Cassidy later became a serial killer, was caught, charged and convicted for 11 murders. In the comics he was in a cell with Eddie Brock, where he bragged that actually killed a lot more people. When Brock with the symbiote escaped from prison, part parasitic on humans substance accidentally left in the chamber. This part of the symbiote merged with maniac Cletus, making him the carnage.

Shooting venom may start in September 2017 with the Director of “Welcome to Zombilend” Ruben Fleischer at the helm. While the world and Russian premiere of the film is expected in October 2018.

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