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“I wish you were my healthy”: a fresh batch of anecdotes

"Шоб вы были мне здоровы": свежая порция одесских анекдотовLaughing together!

Odessa – cheerful people with amazing sense of humor.

They know how to cleverly get out of absolutely any situation and deftly to answer the most tricky questions.

We bring our readers another batch of anecdotes and hope that they will help you to remain optimistic, no matter what.

A Jewish mother gave her son’s birthday two
shirt. To deliver mom fun son ran
into the bedroom and changed into one of the donated shirts.
Mom saw it, shook his head and said:
After the second shirt you didn’t like!

SMS : “Yakov Solomonovich,still can’t find Your phone number,give me a call!”

Reply SMS : “Nathan Izrailevich,I also can’t find Your room,sho did we do?”

– Hey, Sam. Have you got a thousand to pay?
– Yes, thank you, Yasha. Can for me not to worry!

– Izzy, I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me! I decided to give you gifts! Here is your suit!
– Oh, come on, I don’t need anything!
– Here’s another shirt…
What is he doing what he’s doing?
And the shoes…
He has lost his mind! It was crazy!
– Well, that’s all.
– … And a tie?

– Yasha! I have for you great news!
– Sophie Shaw news?
– You were paying insurance for the car.

– Izzy, well, as Sara in bed?
– Normal fit.

In the Jewish family there was a scandal: the son bought the pack at the box office…

Abram says to his wife: — I don’t know, let’s give your mom as much money as she was years.
Wow! What, 50 thousand give?
— What, her 50 thousand turned?!

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