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I run like a moron

Я руковожу как дебил

Remember this phrase: “There is a purpose? Go to her. Does not work? Crawl to her. Can’t crawl? Lie down and lie in her direction.” And motivators-level of the Internet and the “sharks” from the podium conditional business forum “synergy” in just a few thousand, and definitely more, give you the feeling that on the altar of dreams can be put life, probably not even his.

Я руковожу как дебил


Motivator Anthony Robbins.


Here is an example. In MO “Kuntsevo” (Moscow) there is a Deputy Denis Shenderovich, former goats. He was a small businessman poshiba – headed the construction company OOO “Stroydom” with registered capital of 10 thousand rubles, and whose services, according to the accounting reporting for 2015 and 2016, no one was interested. But there were enforcement proceedings for recovery of taxes and fees. And as icing on the cake – a civil suit from 2015 for illicit enrichment Kozlov. Then he for 900 thousand rubles undertook to provide marketing services “S&M Group”, but, as later considered in company with the merchant have failed.

Apparently, the lack of success in the field of entrepreneurship prompting Kozlov to global changes in life. In 2017, it suddenly becomes Shenderovich and decided to go to the municipal Council at the MO Kuntsevo, where he moved two years earlier. Opposition in the soul and a fighter against corruption from the cradle, so to speak. It is not known whether such a transformation of the hand of the masters of motivation level, Anthony Robbins, but the fact that something or someone failed businessman on the move has prompted ” very likely.” Or maybe just something in my head shot.

Я руковожу как дебил
The MP Denis Shenderovich, former goats


By the way, as municipal Deputy Shenderovich was more successful. In 2018 Kuntsevo received 90 million rubles. Of this amount spent $ 0. But the fact that the people’s Deputy were among those who gave the green light to the plan of improvement. Opponents to the proposed work plan is later declared incompetent. In the end the parties were able to reach a compromise this year (a year later!), however, the financing of improvement were already more modest 18 million rubles. However, for the sake of justice it is worth noting the achievements of mandapa – the year he achieved the installation of one ramp. On his victory, he did not forget to remind voters after a year in their social networks, to be remembered, not forgotten. And perhaps no one would blame Shenderovich, because he, being three months on the new position, was for financial reward members for 4 quarters of work. Probably because you did a good job.

Media reports that he disrupted the meeting, the head of defense Vasily Kudryashov with local residents, allegedly hoping to take his place. To say it’s not worth it, but what municipal deputies do not lack ambition – it’s a fact, otherwise he would not have tried this year to get into the city Duma.

Я руковожу как дебил
“Napoleonic” plans of the Deputy Shenderovich


By the way, Shenderovich was a very touchy master, because when the FAN made in the light of information about his entrepreneurial past and the present Deputy, he went to court to defend their honor and dignity. Weird or not, but Munda lost.

Returning to the subject of the elections in MHD. Shenderovich, according to his “merits”, do have outgrown the chair of the municipal deputies. But he is clearly not there. He belongs to the mayor of the capital. And the Muscovites, judging by their comments in social networks, very tired of the endless upgrade and development of transport infrastructure. And 5 years of stagnation and silence outside the window. Well, maybe one ramp will open somewhere, but no casualties here.

Seriously, there is a strong feeling that Shenderovich as a failed businessman and municipal lawmaker. However, the insatiable ambition, coupled with incompetence as a politician, can go sideways Muscovites. But they are apparently not used to.

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